Automation of call reasons saves Norlys €160,000 annually

What can you automate using Capturi?

When working with our customers on automation, we typically focus on one or more of the following topics:

  • Call reasons
  • Quality assurance (what some of you prefer to call brand assurance)
  • Coaching and onboarding

What those 3 topics have in common is that they generally make it easier to standardize your customer service and alleviate some of the tedious manual tasks. This frees up time that you can spend on creating even better customer relations. In this case, we zoom in on automating call reasons.

What is call reason automation?

Automatic identification of call reasons means that your company's typical customer inquiries are automatically divided into different categories. This provides an easy overview of how often customers contact the department about invoices or how they talk about your company's external communication.

When employees have to manually log reasons for customer queries, it can take between 15-45 seconds per call. This means that companies with more than 200 employees can save between €53,333 and €160,000 annually by replacing manual registration of call reasons with an automatic overview that is continuously updated.

Also, it saves companies valuable time that employees could have spent on building even better relationships with customers.

What are the benefits of automating your call reasons?

Capturi automatically notifies your department when we experience particularly high activity on a specific topic. This way, you can quickly take action and resolve any errors before they build up. You also get access to an overview of how call reasons have evolved historically by comparing with data from previous months.

So there is great potential in getting an automatic overview of why customers are calling about specific topics. Because in addition to being time-consuming, manual registration also affects the overall data quality: When employees manually write down call reasons, it takes them an average of about 30 seconds per call – and for some organizations, the registration can take several minutes. In addition, there is a general tendency for employees to make errors in up to 30% of all manual registrations.

Most importantly, it allows you to dive into different topics and understand the root causes of the requests, so you can improve your self-service, communication, processes, or systems.

How Norlys used conversation analysis to automate their call reasons

Last year, Norlys launched an automation of their call reasons to ensure continuous insight into their customer inquiries. As a result, they have freed up valuable resources and achieved annual savings of approximately €160,000.

During January 2023, Norlys' departments used conversation analysis to find that ...

  • the most important topic at Stofa Privat is "getting started as a new customer". Questions related to this topic take up approx. 40% of the conversations
  • product related questions take up about 20% of all conversations in Norlys

In addition, each department can use the trackers to learn why customers have queries about bills, internet, or technician visits. The individual departments can use this information to continuously update their self-service pages or improve the user experience in the platform.

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