AI the Capturi way

AI is a cornerstone of Capturi that allows our customers to automate manual work, gain actionable insights to improve customer satisfaction and average handling time, and automatically uncover the reasons behind customer inquiries.

AI highlights

Topic modeling

Get the bigger picture

We employ various topic modeling techniques to uncover features in conversations that generalize across different contexts. Text embeddings, a component of topic modeling, convert words or phrases into numerical vectors, capturing semantic relationships, and contextual information. 

This enables our platform to comprehend and categorize conversations into clusters, providing insights into trending topics and factors driving interactions.

Generative AI

Uncover insights effortlessly

We use generative AI to swiftly condense customer conversations into insightful summaries and identify key trends, issues, and opportunities. It automatically pinpoints areas for improvement and enhances agent performance across thousands of conversations. This approach is designed to boost customer satisfaction, efficiency, and overall business success.

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)

Turn speech into text

We have developed our own proprietary ASR technology that transforms spoken language into written text. This transformation is fundamental to Capturi, enabling us to build a range of additional technologies that extract insights and value from conversations.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Understand the context of conversations

We use NLP for a wide range of tasks. Essentially, it involves machine learning techniques such as classification and sentiment analysis. NLP enhances our platform's ability to understand and interpret the data generated by our ASR engine.

These are just some of the highlights

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AI is just the technology – the value is what matters