Customer case: How Jyllands-Posten facilitates behavioral changes

Behavioral change in customer centers is a tricky thing to implement. Therefore, it is important to give employees the right tools to improve and create good results. Jyllands-Posten's customer service has used Capturi's conversation analysis to facilitate behavioral changes and make it easier for both customers and employees to get good experiences.

What Jyllands-Posten has achieved using conversation analysis

  • Employees have successfully moved from acknowledging the customer's problem in 30% of all conversations to doing so in around 60% of all calls
  • Employees are now perfecting polite endings. Previously, they used polite endings, such as "Have a nice day", in about 50% of all customer conversations. Now they do so in 92% of conversations
  • Employees have increased their use of positive words from only using positive phrases in 13% of conversations to more than 60%
  • Employees have improved conversations about subscription cancelation, moving from personalizing the customer relationship in 3% of conversations to +20%

How Jyllands-Posten facilitated these changes

Firstly, Jyllands-Posten’s customer service management team established listening communities. A listening community is a gathering of 3-5 employees who review and discuss highly relevant audio snippets together. For one week, they might focus on improving their way of expressing recognition, drawing inspiration from good examples, and using them as a basis for starting conversations about what works well and less well in their own conversations.

In addition, each employee listens to their own conversations during the week and selects 1-2 high quality audio clips that showcase their strengths and motivate them to become even better.

In addition, Jyllands-Posten sets concrete goals in the areas where employees should try to improve. These objectives are collected in a dashboard where both goals and progress are continuously displayed. Among other things, this can help motivate employees to become even better, because they are continuously motivated by their own and their colleagues' progress.

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