Flexible pricing tailored to your business needs

Every business has its own specific focus areas and requirements. To make sure we can meet your department's needs, we tailor a price that fits your business.
Included in the price
With Capturi's conversational AI technology, you automatically get an overview of the trends from your recorded phone conversations.

In addition, you get an unlimited number of logins and integrations and access to features such as AI summaries, so you can easily get an overview of the main themes in individual conversations, and text analytics , which gives you an overview of your customer inquiries via chat and email.
About the price
The base price for Capturi depends on the number of employees in your department and your needs. 

In addition, we can continuously adapt the platform to fit your requirements.
Ongoing support
Getting value from customer conversations should be easy. 

That is why we provide ongoing guidance and support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who continuously helps you establish new goals and stay on track.

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Results that speak for themselves

More than 200 brands use Capturi's conversational AI to create measurable results that help their teams improve customer experiences, conversation quality, dialogues, and customer retention. 

Read more about the results Scandinavian customer centers have created using Capturi.



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