How to optimize your customer department using automated trends

To any customer service department, it is beneficial to be able to meet customer needs and expectations while preventing unnecessary calls.

Therefore, many companies want to get an automatic overview of the current trends in their customer conversations. This gives them an overview of what customers are typically asking about right now, so they can quickly act on the inquiries they receive in the customer center.

When companies want to build an automated view of the latest trends, it is not just to save time and resources on manual sampling, as automated trends can also prove critical to operations.

Why getting overviews over trends are crucial in customer departments

Exemplifying the importance of keeping track of their trends, a large Danish company experienced an increasing number of calls to their customer service center, with several customers mentioning a system error when trying to log in to the app. The customer department, in collaboration with the IT department, looked into the error and it turned out to be a problem with a software rollout they had launched earlier in the week.

The company's IT department rolled back the update and focused on fixing the bug before rolling it out again.

In this way, the automated trend overview continuously helps the company to quickly communicate to the right departments as soon as customers experienced issues with their product. In general, this has resulted in better experiences for both customers and employees.

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