Customer case: How the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration use conversation analysis to optimize operation in their contact center

Every day, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's contact center in Glostrup receives many different types of inquiries about animals, food, ecology, and startups. Therefore, it is highly important that they know how to handle the calls and guide both private individuals and business owners in the best possible way.

Head of Section at the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA), Malene Mols, points out that their contact center have gained insights into their inquiries by continuously getting an overview of the most popular topics citizens refer to when calling the contact center:

"We get this overview through a dashboard we have set up in cooperation with Capturi. This means we can easily follow our progress closely and help each employee develop their skills."

She elaborates: "We continuously focus on optimizing different skill sets. Right now, for example, we're focusing on gaining insights into trends in our conversations and increasing the overall satisfaction in our conversations."

And these focused objectives have paid off for the DVFA’s contact center: "Since August 2022, we have managed to increase employee sentiment by as much as 53% and citizen sentiment by 36%. These are results we are very proud of."

Her best advice to public departments that are not yet working with conversation analysis is to start by getting an overview over their key issues themselves. They can collect and use to improve the overall experience for citizens calling the contact center.

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