Capturi's CEO's top 3 advice to improve call quality in 2023

High quality conversations are all about finding the right phrases and timing and knowing what works. Capturi’s CEO, Tue Martin Berg, will guide you through concrete and ready-to-use advice that will help you exceed your customers’ expectations.

Capturi provides an overview of the most typical inquiries in customer centers – and not least, what tactics work when handling complex and difficult customer conversations. CEO, Tue Martin Berg, guides you through the typical inquiries based on analyses of more than 15 million Scandinavian conversations.

Show empathy, presence, and calmness

The first, and most important, advice is to show empathy and understanding for the customer's situation. Tue Martin Berg explains, "Empathy is the ability to understand customers and put yourself in their shoes," and he elaborates that phrases such as "I understand" and "I'm sorry to hear that" can be particularly effective.

"Empathy is a great tool to increase customer satisfaction because it puts a human face on your company. And when agents express that they under- stand the frustration or the problem, it is easier to find a common solution that is sustainable when you and the customer are at eye level," says Tue Berg.

New research from Capturi shows that empathic language is only shown in 26% of customer conversations. Tue Martin Berg finds this worrying: "When you look at the statistics, there is a huge potential that is not being utilized. And that is a shame when there is so much to be gained by focusing on empathy.”

Involve the customer throughout the conversation

Another piece of advice from Tue Martin Berg is that you should involve the customer in every step of the customer conversation.

He adds that "it is extremely important to actively listen throughout the conversation and assess the customer’s needs along the way. This could be done by using phrases such as: "Did I understand this correctly?" or "Now that your problem has been solved, do you have any additional questions?". By clarifying needs during the conversation, you will reduce the likelihood of the customer being left with loose ends".

Impress your customers

Especially in uncertain times, it is more important than ever to give customers a wow experience, so you remain their preferred supplier in your field. "It is important to give a positive impression of you as a company. Indeed, customers are often willing to remain loyal if you go the extra mile for them."

For example, the WOW factor could be following up proactively on requests or sending customers follow-up emails or messages.

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