How to avoid misunderstandings in your customer conversations

A guide for those of you who want to optimize their communication – and why it is necessary to always keep quality improvement in mind.

Customer centers are struggling with repeat calls. In fact, in 2022, repeat calls accounted for about 6% of all customer conversations in Scandinavia – and in some cases as much as 30%.  

One way to ensure that customer conversations are of high quality is for employees to make sure that their customer communication is clear and that they try to avoid misunderstandings in customer conversations. While misunderstandings cannot be completely avoided, it is important to focus on transparent communication, as unclear communication can result in more customers calling your company back with unnecessary queries.

"Be transparent and specific in the way you communicate with customers," says Tobias Troelsen, CAO at Capturi, and elaborates: "there are no customers who can read minds. Therefore, you should strive to be as clear and concise in your communication as possible. For example, you should avoid using vague expressions such as: "We'll be in touch", or "It won't take long". Instead, make sure you mention concrete timeframes that the customer can relate to.

Tobias adds: "If the issue is not resolved within the timeframe, make sure you proactively contact the customer and give them an update."

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